Our Values

We design kitchens and bathrooms that reach your heart from the master hands of Kelebek.

Our Values



Our vision;

Becoming a reliable, high-quality, recommended brand renown for cost-effective designs and increasing our brand recognition continuously.

Our Mission;

Designing and offering products and services which add value to our customers’ lives with our flexible structure; leading and creative solutions we offer by addressing changing needs of our customers.

Our Values;

Kelebek as a Solution Provider; It starts bymeeting the needs of the customers, acts on the behalf of the customer before the customer and makes the customer happy by its products and services designed to address such needs, together with employees and business partners possessing extensive knowledge and authorization.

Kelebek Creativity;

Is to be aware of the everchanging needs of the customer. We are always perceived as the one which is different and which creates difference with our continuous creativity. We offer products and free selection possibilities to trigger creativity of the customer. We add value to each activity of the customers in their lives.

Kelebek Reliability;

We have a corporate culture which offers products that our customers rely on in terms of pricing, quality and after sales services by offering business to our business partners, offering a fair workplace to our employees and adopting a transparent management for the shareholders respecting the environment and laws for the sake of the society.

Kelebek Cooperation;

It combines the synergy created together by our employees and all of our stakeholders with our principle of making common decisions and implementing them and ensures that each of us is ready for taking quick and efficient decisions and keeps us always powerful, dynamic and competent.

Kelebek Flexibility;

Perceiving the changing customer needs and competition conditions and aligning our production, sales and marketing strategies accordingly.

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